Channeled Readings

Create your new reality.
Awaken and affirm your higher purpose. Step into who you came to be.
Enhance your intuitive senses and trust your guidance.
Feel at home and aligned in your human-ness.

Spiritual Channeled Readings / Mediumship

I provide different processes to access information starting with meditation. How you choose to use the information provided is up to you. This is part of your soul’s path.

Psychic Spiritual Readings

We connect with levels of consciousness that some struggle to understand in our human language and reality. Readings can help you understand what is happening in your life. Psychic guidance can help us to live more in joy and awareness. Let us look at how we can find that potential for you.

Akashic Records / Past Life Readings

The Akashic Records are acknowledged by all major religions. They are the record in the non physical realm / etheric library of all sentient thought and action, past, present and future possibilities. This is an opportunity to look into the effect that past lives have on your life now, your relationships and the obstacles you are facing in your life. This can lead to a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing and provide insight into possible steps forward.


Channeled Readings from Ascended Masters

Access guidance, lessons and answers from your past lives. See the bigger picture of what is happening in your life. The information comes from spiritually evolved beings many of whom in past incarnations were ordinary humans who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations / initiations throughout their many lives. Their goal is to assist us through our own process and growth.

Angelic Readings

Our angels are with us at all times to love and guide us.

Your Guardian Angel is with you always, waiting to assist you.

Life Coaching

Have you ever wondered why, despite all your efforts, your emotional problems fail to heal? You think you have tackled the issue, but it never really goes away. These stubborn emotional conditions remain deep-rooted. What help do you need to navigate some of the real-world issues that are happening in your life: work, home, relationships? Are you looking for a life of peace and happiness? Choosing not to experience pain, anger, or other intense feelings can cause them to become buried even more deeply. When we are ready to face some of these issues, we can undergo profound healing. Through coaching sessions, you will gain assistance and tools for moving through some of your challenges.

Let us delve into what is going on in your life. Overcome feelings of lack of direction, stagnation, overwhelm or imbalance. Opening our hearts and minds to our true potential, we allow our true divinity. We can open our human selves to be more in touch with our souls / spiritual selves and potential.

Many cannot hear their own still, small voice within. What is spirit trying to tell you?